Leaf Blowers
The fall color tour is a staple of Michigan tourism. Who doesn’t keep an eye out for the color peak? But eventually those leaves will fall, and someone needs to rake them into piles. But after the kids are done jumping into them, you can’t depend on the wind to dispose of your leaves.

Leaf blowers will make short work of this chore. Hoffman’s features several lines of leaf blowers for you to choose from. We carry brands, such as RedMax and Billy Goat. We can get you set up with a model that suits your needs whether you’re a homeowner or business owner.

Decisions, Decisions
Your first decision is likely choosing between handheld models or backpack versions. Either way, you need to consider how much power you need. Besides blowing leaves, will you use the blower on grass clippings, hedge trimmings or larger debris?

Don’t set yourself up for frustration with a leaf blower that isn’t designed for the job. Other considerations include choosing a model with a good vibration-dampening system and the appropriate airspeed and airflow.

When purchasing blowers consider the weight of the model. If you have a large property, is the model you’re considering lightweight and powerful enough for the length of time you’ll be using it? How well balanced does it feel?

Backpack models: After assessing your power need, you should consider your need for comfort. Look for extra-wide shoulder straps and a load-reducing hip belt to reduce strain on your back. Gutter attachments. Keep your feet on the ground. Leaves in the yard are only one part of the job. The other is clearing the gutters. Eliminate the need for getting out a ladder to do this chore.

Blowing in the Wind?
Have you ever felt like other retailers have blown you off after a sale? Hoffman’s will never leave you blowing in the wind. First, we’ll make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase. Then, we’ll always service what we sell.

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