“I fought the lawn and the lawn won.” You’ll never have to wear that t-shirt! Hoffman’s Power Equipment carries several lines of mowers that will keep you on a winning streak. Hoffman’s is the only dealer north of Flint who carries the full line of EXMARK and TORO equipment. As a member of the TORO President’s Club, Hoffman’s Power Equipment is a master dealer of Toro line equipment.

For Home or Business
Whether you’re mowing need is residential or commercial, Hoffman’s has the perfect option for you. What’s perfect for one person’s yard might not be right for another’s. Our staff can help you sort through the options so the mower you purchase works best for your situation.

Here are a few key considerations to get you started in the right direction:
How large is your yard? For less than a half acre, a walk-behind mower is probably all you need. If it’s larger than a half acre, consider getting a riding mower.

Do you have trees you need to mow around? Pay attention to a riding mower’s turning radius. Is your yard flat or sloping? A self-propelled walk behind mower is helpful for a hilly terrain.

Full Line of Mowers
Whether residential or commercial, Hoffman’s Power Equipment offers a range of mowers to suit your needs.

Walk-behind mowers: Select from push mowers to self-propelled mowers. Toro even provides personal-paced mowers that automatically adjust to your walking speed. No more running to keep up with the mower.

Riding mowers: Zero-turn mowers are essential for maneuverability. You can also choose between lever steering or wheel steering models.

After the Sale
The reputation of the lawn mower brand is an important consideration. So is the reputation of the seller. When you purchase a mower from Hoffman’s Power Equipment, you can also rely on us to provide timely service when your mower needs maintenance work.

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