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We carry the right equipment for every season and every need. Whether you’re a homeowner with a small patch of ground or a full-scale lawn and landscaping business owner, you’ll find the proper tool for the job at Hoffman’s Power Equipment.

Breeze through the Summer
Summer is supposed to be for vacationing or enjoying a round of golf. It’s also prime time for mowing the lawn, fertilizing, and controlling crabgrass and other weeds. Count on Hoffman’s to steer you to mowers, trimmers, spreaders, and sprayers that are scaled to your property needs. You’ll get the job done effectively and efficiently so you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Once the fall color show is over, it’s time to collect the leaves. You can spend hours with a rake, or you can cut this chore down to size. Come to Hoffman’s Power Equipment and we’ll get you set up with a leaf blower. Check out your options from gas or electric to cordless or backpack.

Plow through Winter
Unless you’re a snowbird, winter means dealing with snow. For kids, that blizzard means school is canceled and time for an epic snowball fight! For everyone else, it’s a challenge to get plowed out. Hoffman’s carries snow blowers that can match whatever Mother Nature throws at us here in Michigan—from an overnight dusting to wet, heavy slush. We also carry salt spreaders to deal with that other winter hazard—ice.

Spring Cleanup
When the snow melts, the clean up begins. Yards are littered with limbs and twigs that the wind and ice storms brought down, and the lawn needs to be revived after a hard winter. The right power equipment will whip that landscape back into shape quickly. At Hoffman’s, you’ll find just the right trimmer, spreader, sprayer or mower to take care of your yard.

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