Trimmers / Hedge Trimmers
Hoffman’s Power Equipment proudly carries a full line of RedMax trimmers and hedge trimmers. These heavy-duty, commercial-grade trimmers are designed for the professional. They get the job done and are designed for durability.

Trimmers that cut weeds and time
RedMax weed trimmers include solid-steel drive shafts that are designed to reduce vibration and improve acceleration. These trimmers are efficient, which makes your bottom line happy. And the low-friction design results in a trimmer that runs smoothly, making you happy.

An added benefit of solid-steel drive shafts is that they provide trouble-free operation. How does virtually maintenance-free sound? Downtime is minimal with RedMax trimmers. Your only downtime should be off the job and enjoying your hobbies!

Hedge Trimmers
You’ll also appreciate the quality of RedMax hedge trimmer blades. They are made of case-hardened, high-carbon steel. Quality blades reduce the need for sharpening. No more ragged cuts from a dull blade.

RedMax hedge trimmers use double-reciprocating blades. These blades provide fast, clean cuts in any direction. You can trim hedges in no time flat and move on to your next job. You’ll be pleased with the speed; your clients will be pleased with the results. The hedges will look like you spent considerable time on them even though you didn’t.

Not all hedges are the same though. When you need something beyond a box hedge, RedMax has the solution. Their single-sided blades are the perfect choice when you need accuracy. Let your imagination run wild and engage in hedge sculpting. Who knows? Maybe you’ll outdo Edward Scissorhands!

Fit and Trim
Don’t lose out on a job because you don’t have the right tool for it. Hoffmann Power Equipment carries trimmers and hedge trimmers suited for homeowners and professionals alike. Check out the array of options to choose from. You’ll find a trimmer to fit every need and budget.

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